Over the years I have given up on concrete resolutions, such as dropping X pounds, but have moved on to simply looking for areas to improve. The new year gives an excellent break point to look back, take stock, gauge where I am, where I am going, and find a way to continue loving the journey of moving forward. The goal is not necessarily progress in where you are at, but progress in enjoying the path laid out and the trail set to blazing. My goal coming into 2020 was to take more risks, building off the book Thinking in…

The year is swiftly reaching its end, the Seattle gloom is hitting the peak of high in the 50’s, low in the 30’s and rain all day, every day, and it turns out this slow down has been just my pace. These days are relaxing, especially when walks with my dog turn into simple bathroom breaks, Syl is too spoiled to endure the rain for anything less than the best hike. Time allocated to laying down on the couch with my grandmother’s crochet afghan, book in hand, with a dog sleeping on my chest. My outdoor adventures have not gone…

Practitioner. I like practicing. Self experimentation is fun. Change is good. These are the lies I am constantly starting to tell myself as I reach down to my coffee bean grind to turn the dial, making a finer grind to see if the coffee tastes different in an aero press. The lie is repeated as I roll my yoga mat out onto my floor, using my BaseBar to perform pull ups, body weight rows and other exercises in my small apartment, much to the dismay of the dog staring at me from the couch. Her eyes ask why I do…

It is the week of Thanksgiving and I am grateful for my friends, family, and the time I set aside for myself to reflect on my world. It is natural that as we think about camaraderie, we also salivate over delicious meals we plan to enjoy with each other and as we all loosen that ever tightening belt, I want to start an after meal discussion of the all important topics of life and diet. Part of the problem of living in the modern world is too much information to process with too many choices to make. It is easy…

Recently I have been considering my toolbox on how to live in life, from the narrative I tell myself, to the awareness my meditation practice brings, to the challenges I face in this year’s pandemic and themes keep reoccurring for me as I have been trying to build my life and habits. The change in environment to Seattle was really good to change a lot of my mentality, but it took a hefty blow at the start of this year when the pandemic hit. Being trapped in the same room, day after day, without a community at work really took…

Gnarled fingers pierced the dirt, arthritic knuckles twisting as the old man scooped the tilled soil and tossed it to the side, digging a small hole with one hand only to stuff a bulb in and cover it back up with the other. His skin was sun worn leather, stained with the previous hours of his work as he planted his crops by hands, “Grandpa Thom Thom, why ya do it like that? Mom says you don’t have to do it like that.”

“Your ma says a lot of shit, kid.”

“She also says you shouldn’t be sayin’ words like…

Yeah, that’s a Power Rangers Sleeping Bag

I just turned 32, and it has turned into a time to reflect and as I have spent more time discovering myself this past year than ever. I am currently weigh in around 200 pounds, lower than any weight I was in high school, reading at a steady clip (maybe not as much as elementary/middle school), and thinking a lot about how everything seems to come back around.

I use to read a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I remember Accelerated Reader in elementary school where every year it was me and a few other kids racing for some…

Current Weight: 264.1 lbs, down 10.3 lbs. from 3 weeks ago
Recently finished: Becoming, The Coddling of the American Mind
Currently Reading: Memories of Ice, The Dirt

The last few weeks have been a blur and I’ve been pushing off writing a post. A couple of weeks ago I saw my favorite band for the 3rd time in 3 years, and then I started listening to Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins on Audible. Listening to that book really gave me a perspective while reading Michelle Obama’s biography. It was almost a disservice, Becoming was a good book, learning a…

Current Weight: 274.4 lbs, down 6.1 lbs. from last week
Recently finished: Heart of Understand
Currently Reading: Memories of Ice, Becoming

Day 1

4:30 my alarm went off, naturally I snoozed it twice before hitting the gym to power out a workout.

3x5 Pull ups — using assist bar at 117 so effective weight was 160 lbs
3x10 dips — same weight on the assist bar
5x5 deadlifts — 1st rep 135, 2nd 185, 3–4 rep 205, 5 rep 185
5x5 rows 130 lbs
30 minutes on the treadmill

I felt pretty good today, got to the gym a little early, then…

Current Weight: 280.5 lbs, up 3 lbs. from last week
Recently finished: C#: Learn C# in a Day and Learn it Well
Currently Reading: Heart of Understand and Memories of Ice

This week was hard, maybe it was not, but it felt hard. Degree of difficulty is relative and often your mood upsets where your head is and minor tasks feel more difficult. I did not feel very mindful, I guess. The weight going up is due to the bump from the wedding weekend, I am actually done 3 lbs. from that peak, probably due to losing water weight from…

Rodger Friesen

Software developer, book enthusiast, nerd, and aspiring gym rat. Follow me on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/65710023-rodger-friesen

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