Stop and Smell the Doughnuts

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A lot of my life is spent thinking about how no matter what I am doing, I am chasing something. Playing catch up on people who graduated before me, trying to dig out of a hole to get to where people with less student loans are. It’s neurotic, in the psychological sense, it causes constant anxiety that by the end of my life I will never have finished what I could have been. Reading and video games have helped shape some of my goals, but learning satisfaction from those things was never the goal and the anxiety of not knowing, not progressing further keeps me in a haze of what I should be doing next. It leads me down intensely focused periods where I get obsessed with an idea and I try to do it on top of everything else. This week it was setting a computer lab upstairs at my house in a makeshift office, a place to get away (from my dog, she likes to pace around me while I work), and to have a place dedicated to working. A small project, that sets up for a bigger one, being the work that office is dedicated for. It’s solid in my mind. the ideas are there, but it is funny how life gets in the way.

“It Starts With You”

Obsession and life are at odds, and as my best friend gets married it was time to left life win and simply enjoy my trip to Boston, including the start of being picked up from the airport. My flight was delayed so we had to wait for the train in Boston and I immediately enjoyed a good Boston Beer while beating my friend in some Mario Kart 8.

Drinking and driving

Excited to get to their apartment, I was graced with the gift of a bowtie to wear for the wedding, an engraved flask, and something to use with it.

I am the best man

And I was greeted by the dogs I have known since they were puppies, and it is clear which one was hyper focused and excited to see me. It is also great to see an old friend, it’s just as good to see a puppy and they still remember you.

Luna and Belle

And naturally a large part of my vacation was going to be food, Green Quest beer with a bone marrow burger and I had some poutine. Clearly this weekend was not about my diet.

Boston Bar Food

And then on the big day, sometimes you just need to be silly:

Messy sink, who dis?
The Postmodern Thinker

The celebratory dinner — (I have no pictures of the actual wedding yet, someone was taking photos and I was there to enjoy my friends). Downeast Cider was fantastic, and the exact amount of tartness I like in a beer, the chimichurri and steak was pretty good too.

They had a friend make their chocolate cake and I assure you the Bailey’s buttercream was out of this world.

The cure for a hangover is clearly diner food.

Cornbeef Hash

Matt works at Harvard, so naturally I had to go get in a cah and visit Hahvahd yahd.

Photo bombed
Sever Hall
Blue Bottle Coffee

It was a beautiful campus and naturally we followed up by visiting Downtown Boston to see some sights and experience the Harbor.

And naturally, the finishing touch of the trip, New England Clam Chowder with Lobster Tail and shrimp with a Pint of Guinness at the Black Rose, a bar in downtown.

There was doughnuts, beer, friendship and love for me this weekend, all key ingredients in life. I have known Matt for almost 10 years now and for 6 of those he has been dating his now wife Gabby. I was more than privilege to share this moment with them, but even more importantly I’ve been more than privilege to share them in my life. This week, it was time to just savor friendship and love and I can think of nothing more productive in life.

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